Lavender & Lace Pictorial Applique...the Simple Way!
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Quilting Tips

Construct Appliqué Units

For greater design flexibility, when appliquéing a motif such as fish, birds, flowers, etc. with many pieces, complete the unit then add it to the background. Working from back (farther away portion) to front, attach each piece to build the unit, stitching by hand or using fusible web. If using fusible web, be sure to use a Teflon sheet to prevent a great (albeit undesired) new design motif on your ironing board! Press lightly so you can reposition as necessary.

Fabric Control for Appliqué

When appliquéing by hand, use a toothpick to roll the fabric before stitching. The wood is great for grabbing the fabric giving you easier control.

Pin Basting Quilt Ease

Use a grapefruit spoon in the opposite hand to catch the pin & angle it upward for easier closure.

Gripper Help for Slippery Needles

When hand quilting use a balloon when needed to grasp the needle and pull it through the fabric.



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