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Coral Reef Series Dolphin BayArt Quilt Patterns

Enjoy the beauty of the Coral Reef with this series featuring three-dimensional patterns for machine appliqué including full size master patterns and complete, detailed instructions. Simple directions are included for machine needlelace used to make the sea fans, or fabric may be used. Patterns also include directions to attach actual sea shells if desired. Great for the Beach or Lake home!
32” x 26”

Dolphin Bay

Includes a Bottlenose Dolphin, Moorish Idol, corals, starfish, seaweed, False Cowry shell, Top shell, and Fig shell.
32” x 26”
Product: #105—$10.00


Caribbean Blues

Caribbean Blues

Includes the Threespot Damselfish, Beau Gregory, & Bluehead Wrasse, Plate Coral, corals, sponge, starfish, Fantip seaweed, Scallop shell, Tulip shell, and Telling shell.
26” x 32”
Product: #101—$10.00



Caribbean View

Caribbean View

Includes a Rock Beauty Angelfish, Spotfish Butterflyfish, and juvenile Blue Tang, Elkhorn & Brain coral, starfish, Palm seaweed, Cowry shell, Tulip shell, and Olive shell.
32” x 26”
Product: #102—$10.00





Domino ReefDomino Reef

Includes Regal Tang, Domino Damselfish, Blue Devils, Corals, starfish, seaweed, Giant Clam shell, and Tibia shell.
32” x 26”
Product: #103—$10.00






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