Lavender & Lace Pictorial Applique...the Simple Way!
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America the Beautiful Art Quilt Patterns

This series celebrates some of the wonderful variety of natural beauty we enjoy here in the United States.


From Sea to Shining Sea

A patriotic landscape for hand or machine appliqué with full size patterns and detailed instructions. “Lady Liberty” is traced using a Pigma Pen. Super simple technique included for making the stars and the eagle.
22” x 25”
Product: #110 —$10.00


Peaceful Passage

A peaceful, summer landscape featuring a stone bridge is a simple, hand appliqué pattern which can be easily changed to warm colors with the use of bright fabrics.
25” x 28”
Product: #106 —$9.50





Whale Watch

This tribute to the great Northern coasts features three polar bears watching the whales (yes that includes dolphins). This simple hand appliqué pattern includes full size patterns, and detailed instructions. The individual blocks may be used for pillows, tote bags, pictures, or placed in a vertical format.
32” x 37”
Product: #107 —$10.00




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